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Robert Therrien

This catalogue celebrates the work of Robert Therrien and features an essay by exhibition curator Heather Pesanti on the artist's iconic sculptures, mixed-media objects, and works on paper sourced from memory and the everyday.

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Extreme Abstraction Revisited

Extreme Abstraction Revisited documents the Albright-Knox's 2005 exhibition Extreme Abstraction, and it includes an extensive visual walk-through of the exhibition and a fully illustrated checklist of the more than 250 works of art in the exhibition.

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Decade: Contemporary Collecting 2002-2012

This publication features an in-depth essay by the curator and art critic David Pagel, a conversation between Albright-Knox Director Louis Grachos and Chief Curator Douglas Dreishpoon, introductions to the exhibition's themes by Curator Heather Pesanti, and a fully illustrated list of the more than 1,100 works of art that have entered the collection between 2002 and 2012.

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Videosphere: A New Generation

Accompanying the first-ever exhibition of works in new media drawn exclusively from the Albright-Knox’s collection, this publication features a thematic essay by exhibition curator Holly E. Hughes as well as an illustrated checklist of works in the exhibition.

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