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Two small roughly defined figures stand in an opening framed by a low wall and several stark houses. The houses, wall, ground, and sky are painted in a limited range of grayish creams and browns. Muted pops of color come in the form of pinkish roofs on several of the homes and green shutters on the home closest to the foreground, which is shown in three-quarter view and fills much of the left side of the painting.
Wehgeweihtes Kind (Child Consecrated to Suffering)
This painting features a beige-color room full of fantastical creatures performing music and acrobatics, and floating through the air. These colorful beings are shaped like musical instruments, insects, animals, and mermaids and interact with instruments, musical notes, a ladder, dice, unicycle, a shooting star, and other objects. A window at top right looks out onto a landscape, and beneath it is a table with a fish, a globe, and papers.
Sunlight streams into a living room from open floor to ceiling windows on the left-hand side of this painting. A man sits with his back to the window, facing a child who stands slightly to the right of the image’s center on the room’s red-and-white striped carpet. A table with a decorative urn, a patterned curtain behind the child, and the rest of the room’s furnishings are also largely in shades of white and red with blue accents. The entire scene is painted in rough, loose brushstrokes.
Solid black lines intersecting at right angles to trace a grid of differently sized squares and rectangles across the largely white surface of this painting. Four squares centrally located on the right edge are painted a vivid blue. Below and slightly to the right, three rectangles are painted yellow. Two narrow slivers of red emerge from the left edge of the canvas, slightly below center.
Two biomorphic forms sit side by side in the foreground of this abstract, dream-like landscape. The smaller form on the left includes a gray square with red sticks emerging from its left side. Narrow gray stalks support the blue and pink shapes that make up the taller form on the right, which casts a long shadow toward the top left corner of the painting. Nine small circular discs with white sides and blue surfaces appear scattered throughout the scene.